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Your Unique Holiday Destination in Tanzania Kenya & Uganda


Welcome to Tanzania the Land of Wonders, a Country which has harmoniously remained a space in a shrinking world where nature reigns with Prolific wildlife, dramatic scenery and the thrills of the bush.

Here is perhaps the last place that still offers a window on those days when the radiation of mammals was  at zenith. It's a land of astonishing beauty, a land of primordial savages and scenic which guarantees not only delight of the


wilderness, but a complete marvel of Africa's magical atmosphere in it's natural habitat.


Join us for unforgettable experience of the Annual Wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park or a guided walking Safari in the woodlands of Ngorongoro Crater highlands.


These two areas were all crowned the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa to explore the magical wonders or any of our selected safari itineraries.


Kilimanjaro is the first landmark to greet visitors traveling by air to Tanzania. As the plane crosses the Equator, the flat, white top of the mountain is seen shimmering in the atmosphere.


Kilimanjaro National Parks has won the recently contested Seven Natural Wonders of Africa Awards. The contest was conducted by the founders of the

Seven Natural Wonders Dr. Philip Imler based in the United States of America.

For Generations, people from various places in Africa and all over the world have turned to this massive (5,895 meters) free Standing mountain that rises above the rest of the African continent,


 "and prayed". Almighty God,"

Thinking may be he lived on top of Kilimanjaro. Trekkers from all gender join local professional mountain guides to concur the Mecca of this piece of heaven.



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Welcome to East Africa Charm and Satisfaction.



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