The Aberdare National Park is part of the Aberdare Mountain range, a fascinating region of Kenya. According to traditional Kikuyu folklore they are one of the homes of Ngai (God). Mountain ranges and peaks soar to around 14,000 ft. giving way to deep V-shaped valleys with streams and rivers cascading over spectacular waterfalls.

From its vital catchment’s area the Aberdare Rainforest feeds the entire local area and Nairobi water supply. Other features are the giant alpine varieties of lobelia, groundsel and heather. It is ideal for walking, picnics, camping and trout fishing in rivers. Animals abound in the forest, they include elephant, buffalo, giant forest hog and Kenya’s indigenous and endangered Black Rhino.

The entire forest is being fenced off to protect farmers from animal raids and create a rhino and forest sanctuary. Game viewing is very rewarding, lion, leopard baboon, black & white colobus and Sykes monkeys are abundant. Bird viewing is a big attraction with more than 250 species recorded including Jackson’s Francolin, sparrow hawk, African goshawk, eagles, sunbirds and plovers.