Located just 37 Km. away from Arusha, this is the second smallest Park in Tanzania after the Gombe stream National Park. It has a total area of 137 sq. km. Established in 1960, is the only park which has had changed its name three times. Initially it used to be called the Ngurdoto Crater National Park. By then, the prominent features included the Momella Lakes.

When Mount Meru Crater was annexed, the name changed to Meru Crater National Park. Later the name Arusha National Park was adopted. However it has been suggested that when the entire natural habitat above the eighteen hundredth contour line is included in the Park, the name should rightly settle as Mount Meru National Park.

Major attractions include the Momella Lakes, Ngurdoto Crater, Meru Crater and Cone as well as the rare black and white colobus monkeys with its stub tails, Elephants, Buffalo, Bush buck, Giraffe and Red forest duiker.