Katavi National Park in western Tanzania is remote and wild, a destination for the true safari aficionado. The name of the park immortalizes a legendary hunter Katabi, whose spirit is believed to possess a tamarind tree ringed with offering from locals begging his blessings. Despite being Tanzania’s third largest national park, Katavi sees relatively few visitors, meaning that those guests who arrive here can look forward to having this huge untouched wilderness to themselves.

The Park is famous for its undisturbed natural face. The main vegetation is Miombo woodland with scattered acacia trees near Lake Chada. The Lake is rich in birdlife and has the largest number of crocodiles in Tanzania. Major attractions include Lake Katavi with its vast short-grass plains in the north, palm-fringed Lake Chada in the southeast, and Katuma River.

Animals found in the park include zebras, sable and roam antelopes, eland, secret leopards, elephants, buffaloes, lions and waterfowls. During the rainy season, these lush, marsh Lakes are haven for myriad water birds, and also supports Tanzania’s dense concentrations of hippo and crocodiles.