“The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere … in the whole range of Africa”

Sir Winston S. Churchill proclaimed Uganda the Pearl of Africa for its magnificence in its variety of landscape, wildlife and culture. Uganda is ideal for a voyage of discovery into the most enthralling continent in the world and presents the African traveler with a captivating combination of its wonders of nature and traditional customs coupled with many modern attractions.

Uganda covers 241,136 sq. km. of which 44,079 sq. km. is open water and swamp. Bisected by the equator, Uganda would probably give one a picture of simmering heat, but thanks to her high altitude the country has an amazingly mild and pleasant climate.

Uganda raises the massive and perpetually snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, (Mountains of the Moon) as high as 5,118 meters. Uganda has a population of over 17 million with Kampala the capital city with a population of about 1.2 million inhabitants.